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Its Time to Stop Running or Dodging Your Warrant

The longer you postpone dealing with a warrant the worse it is for your case. Retain a warrant lawyer with experience navigating Texas courts and in negotiating favorable outcomes for clients with outstanding warrants.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the warrant, waiting for a hearing behind bars may be avoidable. In other cases, we may be able to get the warrant lifted.

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Texas Warrant Defense Lawyers

What is an Arrest Warrant?

Signed by a judge, an arrest warrant is a type of court order that grants law enforcement officers with the legal right to arrest an individual for an allegedly committed crime.

Arrest warrants may only be issued when the judge is presented with an affidavit demonstrating probable cause that the target individual is likely to be guilty of a crime under Texas law.

Lack of adequate probably cause may be a means for defense and/or getting eth warrant lifted.

Get Your Active Arrest Warrant Removed

Reach out and have a consultation with one of our warrant defense lawyers today. From traffic ticket warrants to warrants for other alleged criminal offenses, we’re here to do everything we can to get your warrant resolved in the most favorable way possible under Texas law.

Don’t let an outstanding warrant take over your life. Although all warrants are serious, those for traffic tickets and lower charges (such as misdemeanors) can often be resolved quickly and efficiently, allowing you to move on with your life.

The last thing you want is to get caught off guard and arrested at your place of employment or home in front of your family. Avoid the embarrassment of an arrest by working with a Texas warrant attorney ready to step up to the plate and help you get this taken care of quickly and discreetly.


Types of Warrants in Texas

Alias Warrant – These warrants for Class C Misdemeanors rank among the most common types of warrants in Texas. They include those issued for failure to appear in court for an initial hearing.

Capias Warrant – This type of warrant is issued for those who failed to live up to a legally binding agreement between the individual and the court as part of a previous appearance. For example, failure to follow through with mandated defensive driving classes.

Criminal Warrant – The most serious warrant in Texas, a criminal warrant should be handled by an attorney in order to protect your rights and prevent a conviction for the alleged criminal charges. In some cases, you may need to plan for bail.

Your best course of action is always to reach out to a warrant attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case and the best route of resolution for your warrant.

Texas Warrant Roundup

Each year Texas police partake in what is referred to as the Great Texas Warrant Round Up. This event, taking place multiple times a year (often in the Spring), has a singular goal: catching and bringing in as many people with outstanding warrants as possible.

During this “round up”, police will often visit both the home and place of employment for those with warrants.

Don’t get caught off guard. Let us help you avoid an embarrassing arrest. Call or message today to schedule a free initial consultation with a compassionate warrant lawyer ready to help.

Warrantless Arrest in Texas

Although obtaining an arrest warrant is a common practice prior to making an arrest, there are circumstances under which an officer can make what is known as a “warrantless” arrest.

If you were arrested without being presented a warrant and you have reason to believe that the arresting office(s) did not have the proper probably cause to believe you had committed a crime, contact our office today.

Situations defined under Article 14 of Texas Rules of Criminal Procedure that Allow an Officer to Make an Arrest Without a Warrant Include:

  • Law enforcement witnesses the defendant commit or in the act of committing a crime
  • Law enforcement has recovered stolen property and has reason to believe that the suspect is guilty of the theft
  • An officer has probable cause to believe that the individual has committed a felony and will try to escape
  • An officer has reason to believe that the suspect has been or is in violation of a protective order
  • There is probable cause to believe that the suspect has assaulted a family member
  • The suspect in question voluntarily provides a statement to law enforcement that gives them probable cause to believe that the individual

Clearing a Warrant in Texas

Your warrant lawyer will evaluate your situation and take the appropriate action to begin the process of clearing a warrant in your name.

The first step involves doing a warrant check to find out what warrants are still active and in which counties in Texas. Next, your attorney will contact each county with an open warrant, and if possible, schedule a date for a voluntary surrender (also known as a “walkthrough”). They will also work to set a prearranged bail so you won’t have spend time behind bars awaiting a court date. At your hearing, your attorney will fight hard to achieve a favorable resolution.

Fighting the Allegations Against You – a Warrant for an “Alleged” Offense Does Not Mean You’re Guilty

Do you have a warrant issued for your arrest in Texas? Our firm proudly services clients across the greater Dallas, San Antonio and Fort Worth communities. Reach out and get the help you need today.



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