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Collisions with trucks and other commercial vehicles are not rare. In fact, according to TXDoT.gov, in 2019 alone there were over 39,000 crashes involving a commercial motor vehicle in Texas. Of those crashes, there were around:

  • 545 fatal crashes
  • 615 total fatalities
  • 1125 suspected serious crashes
  • 1470 suspected serious injuries
  • 5640 possible injury crashes and
  • 8935 possible injuries

When a small car collides with a truck, the consequences can be catastrophic. There are thousands of victims of trucking accidents in Texas every year. And while some suffer relatively minor injuries, others are hurt really badly and end up struggling with chronic pain or disability for the rest of their lives. This is why people involved in an accident with a big rig or an 18-wheeler in Texas need to speak to an experienced trucking accident attorney as soon as possible. Only a legal expert in this kind of accident can aggressively seek the compensation you deserve.

Dealing with the aftermath of a collision with a truck is hard enough to add getting the closure you need, filing an insurance claim, and figuring out how to file a lawsuit. Dealing with the legal side of a truck accident can be overwhelming for anybody and you shouldn’t undergo this process alone. On the good side, if you were injured by a commercial truck or 18-wheeler in Texas, you won’t have to face this challenging situation alone. At Manuel Diaz Law Firm PC we are proud of our committed team of professional trucking accident attorneys who are ready to advise you and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our nationally recognized law firm is home to some of the best truck accident lawyers. Throughout the years, our compassionate and experienced legal team know how to aggressively seek the compensation you deserve while taking care of the client, providing them with the support they need, and getting results in order to get you the service you expect.

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Examples of Common Federal Crimes:

Trucking Accidents in Texas: Main Causes

Truck accidents occur as a result of various contributing factors. Amongst them we can mention:
  • Driver Fatigue: It’s a constant problem, especially when it comes to long-haul drivers of 18-wheelers. They usually spend long hours behind the wheel without any copilot, which increases the risk of fatigue. Despite the federal government has established the number of hours that truck drivers can be on a road without a break, the truth is that many drivers violate those or are encouraged to do so by their employers. In such a situation, a drowsy driver sitting behind a truck that weighs more than 40 tons at 80 miles per hour on a crowded highway can only mean disaster.
  • Speeding, Aggressive Driving, and Reckless Driving: They are amongst the most frequent factors involved in truck accidents. On other occasions, accidents are caused by trucks following too closely or by large commercial vehicles making unsafe lane changes. In addition, trucks are more difficult to maneuver and they can’t stop at the split of a second; and with so many drivers trying to stick to unrealistic delivery schedules, they are more prone to driving aggressively or recklessly.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol: Despite truck drivers are subject to medical exams and drug testing to make sure they are able to operate such large vehicles in a safe manner, many of them still rely on both legal and illegal drugs to help them stay awake and/or drive for more hours at a time.
  • Distracted Driving: It’s easy to get distracted with something to drink or something to eat or changing the radio tune when you’ve been driving for long periods of time. However, distracted driving has become a serious issue amongst trucking companies because their drivers talk or text or check their social networks on the phone while driving not to mention the many occasions in which they pay more attention to their GPS than to the actual road ahead. In addition, many truckers are also distracted by the different devices they use to make fleet management more efficient.
  • Improperly loaded cargo: Trucks carrying cargo must follow strict rules that were set by the Federal Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in 2004. According to these rules, all loads must be “firmly immobilized or secured” by using tie-downs, shoring bars, or another structure of adequate strength. Truck drivers must also use an appropriate amount of tie-downs for the length and weight of their specific load. When they don’t follow these guidelines different unwanted scenarios can occur, such as:
    • Rollover accidents
    • Loss of control of the vehicle
    • Road spills
  • Lacking training and safety programs for drivers: Even though trucking companies are supposed by law to provide their drivers with the appropriate training and safety equipment so that they are safe on the road, the truth is that not all of them do so. When drivers don’t receive frequent safety training or safety programs are not in place, they are more likely to be involved in truck accidents.
  • Improper maintenance – Inadequate Inspections: Trucks, commercial vehicles, and 18-wheelers need to undergo regular maintenance to ensure that their brakes, tires, engine, lights, etc are working properly. While on the road, and driving such large and heavy vehicles, even the slightest mechanical issue can end up causing a serious or even lethal accident. In the same way, inadequate inspections of the trucks can easily miss mechanical malfunctions that can affect the vehicle’s performance.

Trucking Accidents Require a Special Legal Defense

Winning your truck accident case in Texas

Road accidents in which trucks are involved are traumatic and emotionally exhausting and they can even be worse if you’re going through a personal injury as part of that accident. You may find yourself wondering who is responsible for your injuries and whether it is possible to hold them accountable for them or seek compensation.

At Manuel Diaz Law Firm our team of attorneys experts in trucking accidents has the experience and know-how to make sure you get what you deserve. We have a solid track record of successful personal injury cases.

Our competent accident attorneys in Texas are eager and ready to learn more about how they can help you and your family. Give us a call or send us an email today and get an initial free consultation at our offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, or Denton. Find out why so many Texas residents rely on our expertise when it comes to seeking the compensation they deserve.

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At Manuel Diaz Law Firm, our team has obtained million-dollar settlements and successfully tried hundreds of cases around Texas. In the same manner, we have a team of lawyers and legal experts ready to handle your case. Rest assured that we will use our decades of experience and different legal strategies to fight for your rights and obtain you the greatest compensation possible.

Respectful and Timely Communication

At Manuel Diaz Law Firm we have strict communication policies like 24/7 phone service, next day returned phone calls and immediate action in your case. When you work with us, we’ll make sure you know what the next steps are, what to expect, and what you can do to help things move along smoothly.

Respect and Support

As your attorneys, our goal is to be able to get you back to normality after an accident. It is no easy task, but and we are here to guide you and support you throughout the process. We place considerable emphasis on communication, evidence gathering, strong negotiation and if necessary we are not afraid to go to trial. In many cases, this level of preparedness prompts the insurance companies to offer a good resolution that is worth considering, if this is not something you feel it’s fair, we’ll keep fighting until you get the compensation you deserve.

Effective and Tailored Legal Strategies.

Sometimes force needs to be met with force. Insurance companies are notorious for “bullying” plaintiffs into taking unfavorable settlements. Don’t let the insurance companies push you around. Hire our firm and we’ll fight aggressively, yet professionally, keeping the pressure on the insurance companies and finding unique opportunities to poke holes in their case. After years of experience, thousands of cases won and millions recovered for our clients, we know what it takes to win!

Truck Accidents FAQ

Since Texas is a comparative fault state, you might be able to recover some money for your injuries even if you are partially to blame for the crash. According to Texas traffic laws, an accident victim can seek compensation as long as you share no more than 50% of the blame.

If you’re allocated fault, your ability to recover compensation will be affected: your damages will be reduced by however much fault you share.

Don’t hesitate to contact our competitive and experienced lawyers in truck accidents. We’ll do everything to protect you from allegations of the fault and minimize your role in the collision.

A truck accident lawyer can assist you in determining how much you may be entitled to your injuries based on each party’s percentage of fault and even help you determine who or what may be responsible for your injuries.

Besides, a legal expert in trucking accidents may be able to help you collect as much evidence as possible: from the names of other parties involved in the accident and witnesses to medical records or any photos of the accident scene.

In addition, a truck accident lawyer is trained to negotiate with the insurance company and make sure you receive fair compensation or reach a fair settlement.

As a victim of a trucking accident, you can seek compensation for all your truck-accident-related costs. Amongst them we can mention:

  • Bills for medical treatment
  • Property damage
  • Emotional distress
  • Disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced capacity, and more
On a general note, due to the size of these vehicles, the speed they reach and how difficult it is for drivers to steer them and make them stop at the blink of a second, victims of truck crashes usually suffer debilitating and/or devastating injuries such as:
  • Loss of limbs
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Burns
  • Fractures
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Lacerations
Victims of a truck crash may sue different parties for their injuries depending on each specific situation
  • The truck driver
  • The Trucking company
  • The manufacturer of the truck
  • The person or entity responsible for loading the truck
  • Government agencies and contractors
Victims of a truck accident have two years after the incident to file a lawsuit against the faulty party. If you take longer, your claim could be barred.

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