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¿Está usted o un ser querido bajo investigación o acusado de un delito federal? 

Necesita un abogado de defensa federal especializado en los diferentes distritos de Texas que listo para luchar por sus derechos y su libertad. Cuando se enfrenta al poder y los recursos del gobierno federal, necesita un bufete de abogados con la capacidad, recursos y experiencia para contra atacar y mantenerse firme a su lado.

From representing corporate clients to individuals facing federal charges, a grand jury hearing, investigation or arrest, we’re the law firm Texas residents count on when it’s all on the line.

Don’t let overzealous prosecutors push you around. Our nationally rated law firm is home to some of the country’s best federal criminal lawyers. We’ve helped countless individuals and families obtain pre-trial dismissals, win federal jury trials, get charges dropped and negotiate favorable plea deals.

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Federal Crime in Texas and Across the United States

The Federal government is a large, bureaucratic organization comprised of various branches, and within those branches, various departments or agencies.

In the United States, a crime is considered “federal” if it involves an act that is illegal under federal legislation. Despite a crime being “federal” in nature, it may be prosecuted at either the state or the federal level. This is due to what is known as the “Dual Sovereignty Doctrine”. Therefore, if you are charged with a federal crime in Texas, you may be prosecuted by the state of Texas, or by a federal agency such as:

  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Secret Service
  • Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
  • Homeland Security
  • FBI


Examples of Common Federal Crimes:

Los cargos penales federales requieren una defensa legal especial

Ganar su caso penal federal en Texas

Cuando se trata de acusaciones penales o irregularidades, no todos los cargos alcanzan la seriedad de involucrar a fiscales federales, un gran jurado y cargos por delitos graves.

Los delitos federales y estatales se consideran delitos graves con alto riesgo. Los veredictos de culpabilidad pueden resultar altas penas de prisión y multas. 

Además, los casos federales a menudo se procesan con todo el peso de la ley, aprovechando los amplios recursos del gobierno federal para probar su caso en un tribunal de justicia y ante un jurado de sus pares.

Si usted o un ser querido se encuentran en la desafortunada situación de estar bajo sospecha o investigación por una presunta violación de la ley federal, o si ya han sido acusados ​​y arrestados por un delito, necesitan un abogado con la experiencia y los recursos adecuados para manejar su caso.

Why Choose Manuel Diaz Law Firm For Your Federal Case?

Experiencia y recursos en los que puede confiar

En Manuel Diaz Law Firm, nuestro equipo ha juzgado con éxito casos en tribunales federales en todo Texas y nuestro abogado federal John Helms nunca ha perdido un juicio o apelación,. Este seguro que usaremos todas nuestras décadas de experiencia y estrategias de defensa para luchar por sus derechos.

Comunicación respetuosa y oportuna

At Manuel Diaz Law Firm we have strict communication policies like 24/7 phone service, next day returned phone calls and immediate action in your case. When you work with us, we’ll make sure you know what the next steps are, what to expect, and what you can do to help things move along smoothly.

Respeto y apoyo

We place considerable emphasis on trial preparation, coming out the gates swinging and showing the federal government that we are well-positioned to defend your good name. In many cases, this level of preparedness prompts the government to offer a reasonable resolution pre-trial that is worth consideration. If not, we are ready to take your case to trial, fighting tooth and nail for your freedom and a “not guilty” verdict.

Estrategias legales efectivas y personalizadas

Décadas de experiencia dentro y fuera de las cortes obteniendo resultados favorables para nuestros clientes nos ha ayudado a construir un historial de estrategias y tácticas de defensa comprobadas y confiables diseñadas para ayudar a nuestros clientes a lograr el mejor resultado para sus casos. Aprovechamos esta experiencia, junto con enfoques innovadores para adaptar una estrategia de defensa perfectamente adaptada a su situación única. Ponemos un énfasis considerable en la preparación del juicio, saliendo de las puertas y mostrando al gobierno federal que estamos bien posicionados para defender su buen nombre. En muchos casos, este nivel de preparación lleva al gobierno a ofrecer una resolución razonable antes de un juicio. Pero estamos listos para llevar su caso a juicio, luchando con aguerridamente por su libertad y un veredicto de "no culpable".

Federal Criminal Defense FAQ

The penalties for federal crimes are outlined in what is known as “Federal Sentencing Guidelines”. However, it is important to note that these are “guidelines”, and both federal prosecutors and federal judges are under no legal obligation to adhere to them.

In many cases, the right defense can result in reduced sentencing in a plea deal that provides for penalties below those of the guidelines.

Penalties will be largely dependent on the specifics of the case and may involve:

  • Imprisonment: The majority of federal crimes have penalties that carry the potential for federal imprisonment. With overzealous prosecutors often pursuing multiple counts of multiple crimes, imprisonment can range from years to decades (or even a life sentence).
  • Probation: Considering the potentially severe penalty of imprisonment, securing probation is often an ideal outcome.
  • Fines: Fines including those for court fees and other imposed penalties are often part of the penalties sought by the court.
  • Restitution: Meant to make whole those financially impacted by the crime, restitution is often a component of the penalty phase if convicted.
  • Statutory Penalties: In some cases, defendants might face various statutory penalties such as exclusion from Medicaid or Medicare (in the case of health care fraud).
  • Forfeiture and Seizure: As part of a criminal investigation or proceeding, prosecutors may seek to seize property or assets under civil forfeiture laws.

According to data from the U.S. Justice Department, over 90% of federal cases result in a guilty plea, with only 2% going to trial and 8% having their cases dismissed. 

Federal cases are often the result of months (if not years) of investigation and boxes of evidence used to build a case that is airtight. All of this happens before the alleged perpetrator of the crime is even informed.

Further, the government has extensive resources and isn’t afraid to spend your hard-earned tax dollars against you in order to make their case.

This is why early intervention is key. If you feel like you may be under investigation, have received a subpoena or are party to a grand jury hearing, don’t hesitate, time is not on your side.

By contacting us early we can often take advantage of opportunities to prevent charges from being filed, have them reduced, or get them kicked down to a lower state court. Hiring a defense team as soon as possible means more time to gather and prepare evidence in your favor, prepare to discredit evidence the prosecution may have, and to come out of the gates swinging.

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