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Have you been investigated, accused or charged as a result of exaggerated or outright false allegations of a sex crime in Texas?

Every day innocent individuals are falsely charged with sexual assault, sex abuse or other sex offenses, often being treated like vulgar criminals and shunned by friends and family before even getting to tell their side of the story.

At Manuel Diaz Law Firm, PC, we believe every client is innocent until proven otherwise, and that you deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, care and compassion.

We are dedicated to fighting aggressively and relentlessly on your behalf, both in and out of court, with a primary goal of getting the charges dropped, reduced, or dismissed.

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Being Charged with a Sex Crime Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty

Are your proclamations of innocence going unheard? Crimes of sexual assault are often emotionally charged on all sides, making it hard to reason with those involved.

Experienced sex crimes lawyers can provide clarity, composure, mediation and insight to your case. A sexual assault lawyer is there to uncover evidence in your favor, find the truth, and discredit or punch holes in the prosecution’s case.

Sexual assault cases are taken seriously in Texas, with a conviction coming with steep penalties including fines and imprisonment. The consequences of a conviction extend well beyond those of the legal system, impacting employment opportunities, housing options, child custody, federal assistance and more. It may also require an individual to register as a sex offender for life.

The Texas justice system is meant to protect communities, but it is far from error-free. Unsubstantiated accusations and false statements can forever change the lives of those involved forever.

Situations can be complex, memories vague or muddled, circumstances misunderstood, and emotion can cloud judgement. Throw in subjectivity and other factors and sexual assault cases can quickly turn from factual to subjective, making it difficult to discern truth from fiction and right from wrong.

Don’t risk your freedom and reputation to just any criminal defense attorney, hire a sexual assault lawyer with the experience and track record to help you secure a positive outcome.


Aggressive Defense from an Experienced Sexual Assault Lawyer in Texas

Sexual assault and sex crime cases can be complex and difficult, requiring a deep understanding of Texas laws and local procedures. Being accused of sexual assault can be a devastating and terrifying event, with a conviction often resulting in lifelong consequences.

A guilty verdict can impact family, work, social life and more, with the stigma of being a sexual predator following you around forever.

You need someone on your side that will aggressively and relentlessly champion your innocence. Our sexual assault lawyers know what it takes to achieve a positive outcome for you and your family.

Let us establish an affirmative defense that is built on a solid foundation of evidence in your favor, meets any required burden of proof and preponderance of evidence, and earns you the justice you deserve.

Our criminal defense attorneys are standing by and ready to help. Call or message us today to schedule a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

Types of Sexual Assault Charges in Texas

Sex crime and sexual assault are broad categorical terms that represent several sexual offenses in Texas.

Sex Crimes in Texas Include:

  • Section 22.011 Sexual Assault
  • Section 22.021 Aggravated Sexual Assault
  • Section 21.11(a)(1) Indecency with a Child by Contact
  • Section 21.11(a)(2) Indecency with a Child by Exposure
  • Section 43.25 Sexual Performance by a Child
  • Section 21.02 Continuous Sexual Abuse of Young Child or Children

Sexual Assault Charges as Defined by Texas Law

Under Texas Penal Code Annotated § 22.011(a)(1)(C), sexual ass sexual assault refers to:

The criminal offense of knowingly or intentionally causing a sexual organ of another individual (without consent) to come in contact with, or to penetrate, the vagina, mouth, anus or other sexual organ of another individual, including the acting individual.

As defined by Texas law, an individual is said to have acted “intentionally” with regards to their conduct when his or her actions are the result of a conscious desire or objective to cause the result. Further, an individual is said to have acted “knowingly” when he or she is aware that their conduct is reasonably certain to cause the result.

Due to the seriousness of the crime, charges are typically a second-degree felony, although aggravating factors can result in loftier or additional charges being filed.

First Degree Felony Sexual Assault

Under Section 25.01. of § 22.011(b), the Texas statute details certain circumstances in which the alleged sexual offense committed without consent may be deemed a first-degree felony.

These Circumstances Include:

  • Compelling of the assaulted person by the actor to participate or submit to the sexual act by use of violence or force;
  • Compelling of the assaulted person by the actor to participate or submit to sex acts by use or threat of violence, provided the victim believes that the attacker has the ability to execute such a threat;
  • Non-consent and the actor is aware that the other individual is either physically unable to resist or is unconscious;
  • The actor is aware that the other person (at the time of the sexual assault) was incapable of either resisting or appraising the act due to a type of defect or mental disease;
  • No consent was given and the actor knows that the other individual is unaware that the sexual assault is happening (such as when an individual is sleeping);
  • The other person’s power to control or appraise the conduct of the actor has been intentionally impaired by the actor by the administration of a substance (such as a drug) without the other person’s knowledge or consent.
  • The person assaulted has been compelled to participate by way of threat of violence or force against them or any other person and the victim believes that the actor has the ability to carry out such threat or threats;
  • The actor is a public servant who coerces the other individual to participate or submit to sexual acts;
  • The actor is a health care services or mental health services provider who causes a former patient, current patient or other person to submit or participate in a sexual act by exploring that person’s emotional dependency on the actor;
  • The actor is a member of the clergy who causes another individual to participate or submit to a sex act by exploiting or taking advantage of the dependency that individual has on the clergyman or their professional character as a spiritual advisor;
  • The actor is an employee or staff of a facility where the victim is a resident, except for such cases where the resident and employee are informally or formally married to one another.

Other Criminal Sexual Assault Charges

  • Aggravated sexual assault (first degree felony)
  • Indecency with a Child by Contact (second degree felony)

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