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Have you Received a Traffic Ticket?

Although your first instinct may be to brush it off or simply pay the fine, you would be better advised to seek out the counsel and advice of a traffic ticket attorney first.

Even minor traffic infractions can have a significant impact on your life. From higher insurance premiums to permanent marks on your record that can impact future employment, you need to have your situation professionally evaluated before taking the next step.

Traffic Ticket Convictions Can Lead to Serious Consequences Including but Not Limited to:

  • Suspension of driver’s license
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Inability to renew drivers license
  • Surcharges and fees
  • Mandatory classes
  • Impacting ability to get hired in certain roles involving transportation
  • Y más…

If you’ve received a ticket, contact our law firm today and get connected with a talented traffic ticket lawyer in San Antonio that knows the ins and out of local laws and practice. Initial consultations are always free.

*DON’T DELAY* – If you’ve received a traffic ticket you’re now on the clock and time is running out.

Did You Realize That Paying your Ticket is an Automatic Conviction?

Does dealing with traffic court seem like it’s not worth the trouble? Don’t let this false assumption put your rights in jeopardy. In San Antonio, payment of a ticket is considered an automatic plea of guilty, resulting in an automatic conviction.


No tomar ninguna medida puede resultar en una orden de arresto

All tickets issued in San Antonio have what is simply referred to as an “appearance date” printed or written on them. The “appearance date” denotes the day and time that you (or your attorney) must appear before the court.

When a ticket is issued, the police officer will ask you to sign it. This signature is NOT an admission of guilt. It is a guarantee by you that you will show up in court on or before the appearance date.

If cited in San Antonio, your appearance will likely be at:

San Antonio Municipal Court

401 S. Frio

San Antonio, TX 78207-4432

However, due to COVID, contactless methods of appearing may be available and resolved by the following (subject to change):

¿Qué pasa si pierde su fecha de comparecencia?

It can happen to anyone. You have a lot on your mind. You get busy, or perhaps you simply procrastinate. Before you know it, the “appearance date” has come and gone.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Failure to appear on or before the date on the ticket will result in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest.

This is a scenario that should be avoided at all costs. It can lead to your arrest, and being placed in a San Antonio jail for up to a week or longer. What if you can’t afford bail? You might end up losing your job or failing to live up to other obligations while incarcerated.

Additionally, the court can request that the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) deny renewal of your drivers license.

What if I Have a Warrant for a Ticket?

It won’t simply go away on its own. At some point, you’ll have to face the music. The sooner you retain a traffic ticket lawyer to represent you the sooner you can put this in the rearview and move on with your life. Our talented defense attorneys are highly capable and experienced, ready to help you achieve a favorable outcome.

Potential Routes of Resolution  

Declaración de no culpabilidad - An entry of “not guilty” will result in the case being scheduled to proceed at a future date, either as a jury or non-jury trial. Pleading “not guilty” means that your traffic ticket attorney can build a case, subpoena witnesses, and argue your case. 

Desestimaciones por cumplimiento - In some cases, simply providing proof of compliance and payment with regards to certain types of vehicle equipment/registration or drivers license offenses is all that’s needed to get a ticket dismissed.

San Antonio Traffic Ticket Laws

Traffic tickets and citations are issued by San Antonio law enforcement under theories of law detailed in the Texas Transpiration Code, otherwise known to the public as the “Rules of the Road”. For example, failure to use a turn signal with changing lanes.

A traffic citation is an accusation that you have violated the Rules of the Road. It does not, however, indicate that you are guilty, and as such, you may contest this ticket in court.

Your traffic ticket defense lawyer from Manuel Diaz Law Firm, PC will work with you to find the optimal legal strategy for your case, offering counsel and advice on the San Antonio court system, judges and district attorneys.

Traffic Ticket Defense

No one should attempt to defend a ticket on their own. Although certainly within your legal rights to do so, lack of knowledge surrounding procedure, process and more can put you at a serious disadvantage.

Let a traffic ticket attorney from our firm handle your ticket efficiently and reliably. We can quickly resolve traffic ticket cases, warrants and more in both county (justice of the peace) and city (municipal) courtrooms.

Llámenos today and let our talented lawyers help you achieve a fair resolution to your ticket or warrant. The initial consultation is free.

Consecuencias potenciales si se lo declara culpable

Those found guilty face the possibility of several types of penalties depending on the laws broken, where they were broken at, and other factors. For example, speeding in a construction zone often caries with it much steeper fines.

Ejemplos de posibles sanciones si se lo declara culpable:

  • Multas y tarifas
  • Puntos en su historial de conducción
  • Costas judiciales
  • Suspensión de su licencia de conducir
  • Recargos por un período de hasta 3 años
  • Condena en su historial de manejo

Common Traffic Violations in San Antonio

  • Uso inadecuado del carril (es decir, sin el uso de una señal)
  • No cumplir con el límite de velocidad publicado
  • Seguir demasiado de cerca para las condiciones de la carretera / clima
  • Conducir sin licencia
  • Conducir sin aseguranza
  • Conducir sin seguro
  • Expired plates
  • No mostrar la identificación
  • No ceder de inmediato
  • No detenerse en un semáforo en rojo o en una señal de alto
  • Y más…

Audiencia de suspensión de la licencia de conducir (DLSH)

In some cases, you may receive a notice regarding an upcoming suspension of your license. This notice will come from the Texas Department of Transportation.

What Kind of Situations Would Warrant Such a Notice?

  • Past traffic citations or ticket convictions
  • Conducir sin licencia en el momento de la presunta infracción
  • Conducir sin seguro
  • Driving on a public roadway while your license was invalid, suspended or revoked
  • Y más

Let our ticket defense attorneys handle any notification you get from the Department of Transportation. We can contest the suspension by requesting a driver’s license suspension hearing (DLSH).


In Texas, you have a mere 20 days from the date listed on the notice (not the postmark) to request a DLSH hearing. Failure to request a DLSH hearing within this timeframe will result in the automatic suspension of your drivers license.

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Cuando contrata a Manuel Diaz Law Firm, PC, esta contratando un despacho de abogados que cuanta con más de 200 años de experiencia combinada en derecho que nos ha proporcionado una visión profunda de las estrategias y tácticas empleadas por los fiscales de distrito y la policía local de Texas. Utilizaremos todo este conocimiento y recursos para desarrollar estrategias de defensa agresivas y lo coloquen en la mejor posición para un resultado positivo.

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