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Have you been arrested or charged with an assault or battery in the greater Fort Worth area? Don’t let the Texas legal system turn you into another statistic. Hire a firm with the experience, dedication and a track record of successfully handling difficult assault cases in Texas.

Our firm provides aggressive defense against assault and battery charges, working hard to get you the justice you deserve and your good name cleared.

Misunderstandings, trumped-up charges, and outright lies can land you in hot water. Every day across Fort Worth individuals are charged or accused of crimes they didn’t commit. Put Manuel Diaz Law Firm, PC to work for you, and let us put our decades of experience to the test.

With penalties in Ft. Worth ranging from steep fines to prison, you can’t risk your case with just any law firm. Hire criminal defense attorneys who have your back from the start.

Call or message today for a free initial consultation and to find out why so many individuals and families trust us to win them a favorable outcome both in and out of court.

Why Hire Manual Diaz Law Firm, PC to Represent your Assault Case in Ft. Worth?

You Need Legal Expertise

You know you’re innocent, but you don’t know much about assault laws in Texas. You need an experienced assault defense attorney on your case who is caring, compassionate and dedicated to winning you a favorable outcome.

You Need Diligent Case Evaluation & Analysis

The Devil, as they say, is in the details. We have the resources to dig in deep into your case, uncovering favorable evidence, poking holes in the prosecution’s case, potentially get unfavorable evidence “thrown out” or deemed “inadmissible”, and positioning your defense for victory.

We May be Able to Get Your Charges Dropped or Reduced

No one wants to endure the financial and emotional strain of a trial (if at all avoidable). We will explore every avenue including the potential to get your charged dropped or reduced. In the event that a trial can’t be avoided or is in your best interest, we stand ready to aggressively defend your innocence.

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Beat Assault Charges and Clear your Good Name

The Right Assault and Battery Lawyer for Your Case

Manual Diaz Law Firm, PC brings decades of experience in trial litigation and criminal defense, having established a proven track record of obtaining positive outcomes for our clients.

We know what it takes to win cases, and are committed to giving you the representation you deserve. To us, you’re family, and we always do right by family. When you hire our team, you will be treated with dignity, respect and care.

From case preparation to negotiations and trial defense, we’ve got your back start to finish.

Is There a Difference Between Assault and Battery in Fort Worth, TX?

In some states, assault and battery are charged as two separate offenses. However, in Texas, the two both fall under § 22.01 of the Penal Code and are filed as a singular offense.

If you have been charged and are uncertain what it means, contact our firm today. We know how complex and confusing Texas laws, regulations and codes can be. Let us educate you as to what your charges mean and how that may impact you, your family and your case moving forward.

What is Considered Assault in Fort Worth?

Assault in Texas is divided between two types: simple and aggravated. The charges range from between a Class C misdemeanor up to a first-degree felony, with penalties running the gambit from fines and probation to lengthy imprisonment.

Due to the seriousness of these charges, having the right criminal defense assault attorney on your side is of the utmost importance.

Simple Assault Charges

The lesser of the two charges, simple assault is often charged as a misdemeanor and involves:

  • Taking actions intentionally, recklessly or knowingly that end up resulting in bodily harm or injury to either an individual or their respective spouse;
  • Threatening to cause bodily harm or injury to an individual or their spouse; or
  • Carrying out any action with the intent to physically contact another individual whilst having a reasonable belief or belief that this individual would regard physical contact of that nature as provocative or offensive.

Aggravated Assault Charges

Unlike the lesser “simple assault” charge, aggravated assault is a much more serious charge, generally reaching the level of a 1st or 2nd degree felony. If convicted, penalties can range from steep fines and/or prison sentences ranging from two years to life.

What is considered an “aggravated assault” in Fort Worth?

  • Strangulation was involved
  • The relationship of the victim to the accused
  • Prior criminal record or convictions
  • If the victim was a public servant

Under §22.02 of the Texas Penal Code, aggravated assault charges may be filed under the following circumstances:

  • The assault involved a deadly weapon or the brandishing of a deadly weapon
  • The assault caused or resulted in serious bodily injury or harm

1st Degree Felony Charges May Be Filed If Any of the Following Circumstances Apply:

  • The crime was carried about against an individual with whom the accused had a close relationship, and the use of a deadly weapon during the assault resulted in serious bodily injury,
  • The victim is or was a public servant at the time of the assault
  • The victim is or was a security officer at the time of the assault
  • The crime involved discharging of a firearm at a building or house from an automobile and such act resulting in the cause of serious bodily harm
  • The assault was carried out against a witness or informant

Criminal Defense Against Assault Charges

Getting arrested for assault is likely never anything you expected. If you find yourself in this undesirable situation, you need the right team on your side. Given the serious nature of the charges, you need an equally serious legal response.

Hire a criminal assault attorney in Fort Worth that has the local connections, experience and resources to help you achieve a favorable outcome. After a thorough case evaluation, we’ll help you explore the defense strategies we feel are best suited to your unique circumstances and most likely to help you put this whole thing in the rearview fast.

Defense Strategies May Include:

  • Claiming self-defense
  • Demonstrating you were provoked
  • Proving you had consent
  • Uncovering coercion
  • Entrapment
  • Intoxication
  • And more…

Other Legal Defense Tactics May Include:

  • Discrediting witnesses or false witness statements
  • Discrediting the prosecutor’s evidence
  • Uncovering evidence in your favor through investigative means
  • Locating key witnesses and obtaining testimony supporting your case
  • Uncovering the victim’s history of lying, poor moral character, history of aggression, past criminal record and more…

Types of Criminal Defense at Diaz Law Firm

Fort Worth Traffic Tickets and Violations

Drunk Driving, DUIs, and DWIs in Texas

Fort Worth Traffic Tickets and Violations

Tickets are some of the most common cases. In fact, if you receive a ticket, you may not think twice about it. However, tickets shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Many violations result in “points” on your drivers’ license. For each point, you have to pay an annual fine. These points can take years to fall off your record.

After receiving a ticket, you have two options: Pay the ticket or show up in court (the court date is specified on your ticket). If you do neither, you face additional, more serious charges.

Paying a ticket is considered an immediate admission of guilt.

Our attorneys can help you fight your ticket or advocate for lighter penalties. With the help of a criminal defense lawyer, you can minimize fees, exclude a ticket from your driving record, or even have your case dismissed.

Drunk Driving, DUIs, and DWIs in Texas

Drunk Driving, DUIs, and DWIs in Texas

Call us immediately if you’re facing DUI or DWI charges. Fort Worth regulations state that drivers must request a hearing within 15 days of their DUI to fight for their license.

If you’ve already waited longer than 15 days, you should still call an experienced Fort Worth criminal defense attorney. You might lose your license, but could still avoid high fines, jail time, and other impactful consequences.

A DUI or DWI in Fort Worth can result in a prison sentence (even if it’s your first offense). Even if you’re not facing jail time, you may be required to surrender your license or pay thousands in fines. Additionally, a DUI or DWI can limit your future employment opportunities.

At Diaz Law Firm, we understand the complexities of Texas driving laws. We’ve helped many clients reach a satisfactory verdict. We’ve also seen many cases dismissed without charges. We will listen to the details of your case to understand your specific circumstances. Then, we’ll plan a strategy for defending your rights and protecting your freedom.

Domestic Violence or Abuse

Sexual Assault, Public Indecency, & Other Sexual Offenses

Domestic Violence or Abuse

Unfortunately, domestic violence charges can seriously impact your life. At their worst, these charges can result in loss of child custody, jail time, and felony on your record, among other consequences.

At Diaz Law Firm, we understand that family matters are complex. Sometimes, domestic abuse accusations are attempts to gain child custody or take revenge for an offense. Other times, they’re caused by misunderstandings or emotional outbursts. These actions don’t always merit jail time or a felony record. However, these charges can be difficult to fight.

Our team of criminal defense lawyers is experienced in family violence charges. We understand the ways Fort Worth courts tend to approach domestic abuse cases. As a result, we hold a number of successful strategies for defending your rights. Our attorneys will help you present the truth of your situation regardless of the opposition’s claims.

We also grasp the emotional difficulties of defending yourself against accusations from a loved one. We’ll treat your case with sensitivity, empathy, and professionalism. We’ll stand by you step by step, day by day, until your case is resolved.

Sexual Assault, Public Indecency, & Other Sexual Offenses

If you’ve been accused of sexual crimes, contact a Texas criminal defense lawyer immediately. These charges can carry lifelong consequences. Jail time, sexual offender registration, and a felony record are all possible outcomes of a conviction on sexual charges.

When discussing your case, our criminal defense lawyers always work with professionalism. We understand investigations can feel embarrassing or violating. At our Texas law firm, our goal is to support you in retelling your experience of the circumstances accurately in order to reach a satisfactory solution.

Our firm understands that sexual charges are complex. We work with each client to truly understand their situation. Accusations can arise out of misunderstandings, mistakes, or different experiences of the same set of circumstances. For example, you may not be aware that your partner felt pressured or coerced into a sexual situation. Other times, sexual offenses arise because you were unaware of specific Texas laws (such as incest or public indecency). We’ll listen to your side of the story and help you fight for a satisfactory outcome.

Sexual offenses in Fort Worth, Texas can include:

  • Offering or receiving payment for sexual services
  • Engaging in sexual conduct in a public place
  • Pressuring another individual to engage in sexual activities
  • Engaging in sexual conduct with a minor

Not all sexual cases result in convictions. Some cases are successful in proving a client’s innocence. Other cases are simply dismissed, resulting in no conviction and no criminal record. Our attorneys will explain the best strategy for your particular situation.

When you’re facing sexual offense charges, you need an attorney with skill and discretion. Contact our office to find out how our experienced Texas criminal defense lawyers can protect you.

Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, & Other Drug Crimes


Various Felony Charges in Fort Worth Texas

Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, & Other Drug Crimes

Drug crimes can range from simple to complex, but most carry significant charges. In Texas, even a misdemeanor drug conviction can result in several months in prison and several thousand in fines. More serious charges carry up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and life sentences in prison.

It’s important to contact a lawyer immediately after a drug charge. With the help of an attorney, you may be able to reduce or avoid jail time, fines, and a criminal record. If you want to protect your freedom and your future, call our office today.

Various Felony Charges in Fort Worth Texas

Many of the crimes mentioned above can result in a felony. A range of other criminal charges can result in felony jail time and a criminal record.

Felonies are serious, life-changing convictions. A felony can affect many areas, including your:

  • Child custody
  • Employment
  • Admission to graduate schools
  • Right to own a firearm
  • Right to vote
  • Right to run for public office

In Texas, some of these rights can be contested in court or restored to you after a period of time. However, it’s important to take a felony charge seriously from the beginning. Some felony penalties include several years or decades in prison and thousands of dollars in fines.

It’s vital to start preparing your defense as soon as possible. Contact our office today to talk with a skilled Fort Worth attorney about the right strategy for protecting your rights.


Texas 3G Crimes

Texas 3G Crimes

3G offenses are some of the most serious criminal charges. If you or someone you love has been accused of a 3G crime, reach out to a Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

If you are convicted of a 3G offense, you face mandatory jail time. You will not be allowed parole until you have served at least half of your sentence. With a 3G charge, it’s especially important to have the right lawyer by your side.

In some cases, innocent individuals are falsely accused of 3G crimes. These cases mandate an aggressive approach. Our attorneys are skilled in exposing the truth in these situations.

Not sure whether your case qualifies as a 3G offense? Call our office. We’ll gladly answer your questions and help you determine the best next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions About DWIs in Fort Worth, TX

Here are some frequently asked questions about getting a DWI in Fort Worth, Texas:

While every situation is unique, if you are a first-time offender without any other aggravating circumstances, additional charges, or prior criminal history, you typically will not face jail time.

At a minimum, a conviction for a DWI can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, with fines totalling more than $6,000. This amount does not include court fees, time missed from work, or the inability to work because your driver’s license has been suspended. You may also be fired as the result of your DWI, especially if your job requires you to drive a lot.

If you are a first-time DWI offender, you are not likely to be charged with a felony. If you have no prior criminal history, convictions, or other charges associated with your DWI, you are likely to be facing a Class A or Class B misdemeanor. Felony DWIs are usually saved for those facing their third or more DWI.

The penalties you will face will be different based on the individual circumstances of your arrest, any aggravating factors of your case, whether you have a criminal history, and other factors.

Some of the penalties you may receive include:

  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • Fines
  • Charges for court costs
  • Jail time
  • Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device
  • Prison time
  • Probation

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