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Are you worried about an ongoing federal investigation? Have you been implicated in a federal crime or have federal agents been asking you for information?

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for a federal crime, you need an experienced and talented federal criminal lawyer with a track record of getting clients results.

Federal charges and crimes are a serious matter, requiring an equally serious legal response. The right federal defense attorney can mean the difference between resolving a simple misunderstanding, and decades behind bars.

Federal charges often mean facing the expansive resources and relentlessness of the federal government. You need a firm with a demonstrated track record of positive outcomes and that takes an aggressive forward-thinking approach to defense strategies.

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Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers with a Track Record of Success in San Antonio

Our firm represents a broad range of clientele, from upscale corporate clients to individuals facing the might of the federal government. From handling investigative phases to grand jury hearings, arrests and trials, our team stands ready to be your strongest advocate, support system, and campion of your innocence.

The Law Firm San Antonio Residents Count on When its All on the Line

Federal prosecutors can be intimidating. Don’t let them push you around. Put a team in your corner you can rely on to be there for you when you need help the most.

Our law firm is home to some of the best federal criminal defense lawyers in the great state of Texas. Together we’ve helped countless clients achieve favorable outcomes both in and out of court.

Hire Manual Diaz Law Firm, PC and put our decades of federal criminal justice system experience and knowhow to work on your behalf. We’ll work tirelessly to fight for the justice you deserve.

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Do Not Talk to Federal Agents or Other Law Enforcement Agency Without a Lawyer

If you have reason to believe that you may be under investigation or have had law enforcement or federal agents contact you, do not say a word without a federal criminal lawyer present.

Respectfully inform them that you would be happy to cooperate and that your attorney will be in touch to coordinate the details.

Although federal agents may come off as friendly and non-threatening, they are often a sheep in wolves clothing, using law enforcement tactics to lower your guard and get you talking. Even seemingly benign details can later be used against you (sometimes out of context).

Don’t put your rights and freedom in jeopardy. Call or message our law firm today for a free, no cost initial consultation.

Federal Criminal Charges Require a Strong Legal Defense

Winning Your Federal Criminal Case in San Antonio

Allegation of criminal offenses or legal wrongdoing made by the federal government rank among the most serious of charges. They involve a grand jury, career-driven federal prosecutors, and going up against the expansive resources of the federal government.

With guilty verdicts often resulting in outrageously steep fines, to financially crippling restitution and lengthy prison sentences, the stakes have never been higher.

But that’s not all. Given the serious nature of federal crimes, they are typically prosecuted vigorously and aggressively. If you have been charged or arrested, do not face the possibility of a felony on your record. You need a federal criminal defense lawyer with the experience and passion to fight for your rights and who will do everything they can to clear your good name.

You need the award-winning Manual Diaz Law Firm, PC in your corner. From preventative measures to prevent charges in the first place, to representing you in federal court and jury trials, our team stands ready to fight hard for your case.

The Right Experience for Your Case

The talented federal criminal attorneys at Manual Diaz Law Firm, PC have successfully tried countless cases in federal court in and around the greater San Antonio, TX area.

Put our proven track record of positive client outcomes and reputation for aggressive, results-oriented defense strategies to work for you.

Relentless and Passionate Defense Strategies that Work

Prosecutors on federal cases are known to pull out all of the stops, ruthlessly pursuing their cases with vigor. Hire a law firm ready to step up to this challenge.

Don’t get bullied by intimidating federal attorneys. Prosecutors are known for seeking an “easy” win with an unfavorable plea deal for the accused. Consult our law firm and find out what options are truly in your best interest.

Our firm will fight aggressively but professionally, keeping the pressure on the prosecution and always looking for unique opportunities to legally undermine their case and position.

Legal Strategies Devised for Your Unique Case

Our federal defense attorneys have been winning favorable outcomes for clients in and out of court for decades. We leverage our team’s extensive experience in federal court to develop reliable defense strategies that leverage tried and true tactics proven to get results.

The result? A custom defense strategy perfectly designed to best represent your case. By placing considerable resources and emphasis on “pre-trial” preparation, your federal criminal defense lawyer will come out the gate swinging.


Federal Crime in San Antonio and Across the United States

What constitutes a federal crime?

Across the USA, a federal crime is considered an act that is illegal under federal laws. Even though a crime may be considered “federal”, in some cases it may be prosecuted at the state level. The reason for this stems from what is known as the “Dual Sovereignty Doctrine”. As such, if you are charged with a federal crime in San Antonio you may be prosecuted by either the federal government or the state of Texas.

Which Federal Agencies Granted with Powers to Investigate Crime?

  • FBI
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • Secret Service
  • Homeland Security
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

What Are Some Examples of Common Federal Crimes?

  • Murder
  • Credit card fraud
  • Carjacking
  • Wire fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Drug trafficking, dealing, manufacturing or distribution
  • Tax evasion
  • Animal cruelty
  • Kidnapping
  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) violations
  • Bank crimes
  • Damage to a public mailbox
  • Identity theft
  • Child pornography
  • Bribery
  • Computer crimes
  • Conspiracy
  • And more…

What Determines the Sentencing for Federal Crimes?

Sentencing Guidelines, referred simply as “Federal Sentencing Guidelines”, provide federal judges with a pre-determined set of guidelines that helps them determine and apply sentences. It is important to note, however, that these are “guidelines” and not hard and fast rules. Federal judges have the authority to prescribe sentences both above and below these guidelines and are under no legal obligation to adhere to them in a strict fashion.

Penalties will be largely dependent on the specifics of the case and may involve:

  • Probation: Also known as supervised release, this involves a period of time during which the offender is required to show good moral character, good behavior, and meet any other requirements imposed (such as not participating in certain activities or being in the presence of past associates).
  • Fines: Fines imposed as part of sentencing are quite common, including but not limited to court fees and other penalties.
  • Restitution: Restitution is a financial punishment designed to re-pay those who were financially impacted by the crime in question.
  • Statutory Penalties: In some cases, defendants might face various statutory penalties such as exclusion from Medicaid or Medicare (in the case of health care fraud).
  • Forfeiture and Seizure: As part of a criminal investigation or proceeding, prosecutors may seek to seize property or assets under civil forfeiture laws.
  • Imprisonment: The majority of federal crimes have sentencing guidelines that include the possibility of imprisonment. Some federal crimes have what is known as mandatory minimum sentencing, meaning a minimum time in prison is required by law.

Early Intervention Is Paramount to Winning your Case

The US Justice Department reports that more than 90% of federally prosecuted cases result in a “guilty” plea, with only 2% going to trial and with around 8% of cases dismissed.

Charges in federally prosecuted cases are often the byproduct of lengthy investigations spanning months or years, providing the prosecution with a leg up on gathering evidence and preparing their position for court. This process often takes place without the alleged offender’s knowledge.

This is why early intervention is so important. The sooner you retain a federal criminal lawyer the sooner you too can begin proactively taking measures to prevent charges in the first place, or be ready for a worst-case scenario if charged.

Why Hire a Top-Rated Federal Criminal Lawyer From Manuel Diaz Law Firm ?

Award-Winning San Antonio DWI Attorneys

Our firm has earned the respect of the San Antonio legal community, having established a demonstrated track record of success, client satisfaction and a passion for justice. Our awards include The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Award and Attorney and Practice Magazine’s Criminal Defense Attorney Top 10 2020.

Respectful and Timely Communication

With Manuel Diaz Law Firm, you’ll always know you can get in touch with someone on our team. We have strict communication policies like 24/7 phone service, next day returned phone calls and immediate action in your case. Our friendly legal staff are standing by and ready to answer any questions you have about your case, the next steps and what to expect.

Individualized Attention and Support

To us, you’re not just another number on a court docket. You are a valued client and a member of our extended family who deserves our full attention and respect. We know firsthand how difficult dealing with criminal charges can be. We’re here to support you and your family through what is likely one of the most difficult and stressful times in your life.

Aggressive Defense Strategies

Decades of experience in law have provided us with deep insight into the strategies and tactics employed by local San Antonio district attorneys and law enforcement. We leverage this knowledge to develop aggressive defense strategies that put you in the best position for a positive outcome. Our goal is always to provide a satisfactory conclusion to your case, and that requires an individualized approach.

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