What is the difference between a private attorney and an appointed one?

In a nutshell, the most common differences are:

  • Control and flexibility over who they choose as an attorney
  • Experience of the attorney
  • Available resources (for example: private investigators, expert witnesses, translators, capital to invest in the case )
  • Time, attention to detail and service to the client

The main difference is the control that an individual has in choosing the attorney to represent them. When it comes to a public defender, neither the defendant nor the family have control over which attorney is assigned to them, what experience they have, what the attorney’s caseload is, or the terms of the representation. In the same way, it is very common for public defenders to find themselves under a lot of pressure given the high load of cases that they usually have and cannot pay the same attention or approach to all cases equally.

On the contrary, when it comes to choosing a private attorney, the client has discretion over which attorney to hire and the conditions of representation. Likewise, you can choose the lawyer you trust the most to defend your matter.

Some important points to consider before hiring an attorney is determining what experience the firm has in solving similar and more complicated matters, and what resources the firm has to be able to fight your matter properly.

So before making any decisions, give us a call for a ,free consultation and have the opportunity to sit down with our team of specialists and discover if we are the right option for your needs.