What should I consider before applying for asylum?

Political or humanitarian asylum cases tend to be complex cases with many steps to follow. These are some key points to consider:
  1. There is a time limit to submit the application: generally, it consists of 1 year from the last entry to the country. If this time passes, it will not be possible to apply for asylum.
  2. If you qualify for a work permit, the application can be requested one year after the date that immigration received your application.
  3. It is important that you do not miss any of your ICE appointments or court dates. Failure to appear may represent an automatic deportation order.
There are other factors to consider and asylum cases can be very complex. Be sure to find an attorney who can adequately represent you to improve your chances of being approved. Do you have more questions or want to know if you qualify for asylum? Call us today! The consultation is 100% free and we have payment plans.