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Denied Medical, Life and Disability Insurance Claims

Manuel Diaz Law Firm, PC to protect and uphold the rights of consumers and health care providers dealing with denied medical, disability and life insurance claims. The firm specializes in helping individuals navigate through the confusing and frequently hostile insurance claims process. Manuel Diaz Law Firm, PC also assists medical providers to appeal and litigate wrongful medical claim denials. Through our work, we help stem the tide of bad faith insurance practices, which are now more endemic than ever before. We help our clients get the benefits and compensation promised to them.

Manuel Diaz Law Firm, PC helps individuals, families, and healthcare facilities who have claims related to:



The Employee Retirement Income Security Act is a federal statute that governs the way employers provide health, life, and disability benefits to their employees. If your insurance is provided by your employer, ERISA likely governs your claim.


Denied Medical, Life And Disability Claims:

 Many denied medical, life, and disability claims don’t fall under the ERISA statute. For example, where insurance is provided through federal, state, or local government employers or through an individual policy, ERISA does not apply. Manuel Diaz Law Firm, PC is experienced in all legal matters related to these non-ERISA claims.


Health Insurance And Managed Care Contracts: 

 Hospitals, doctors and other medical facilities and professionals regularly have their claims wrongfully denied. Patients routinely “assign” their insurance benefits at the time of treatment to their providers, enabling the providers to obtain payment directly from the insurer. The assignment of benefits may allow healthcare providers to appeal denials to the insurer as well. In other cases, denials arise out of managed care contracts the provider has directly with the insurer. In both situations, Manuel Diaz Law Firm, PC brings the resources of attorneys, paralegals, claims processors, and expert  professionals to bear in getting claims resolved favorably.

No Charge Until a Settlement or Verdict is Reached

Because the firm’s fees are contingency-based, our services are available to anyone who has a valid claim. The firm is only paid if our client receives compensation through a legal settlement or, when trial or arbitration becomes necessary, through a verdict. Choosing the firm as your attorneys gives you the staying power to match well-funded insurance companies and corporations. When your insurance company knows that you won’t be intimidated when a claim is denied, you are much more likely to get a resolution that favors your interests.

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